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Healing from the Inside Out


Who We Are

Synergy Health and Wellness is an Integrative and Functional Medicine practice that offers in-person and online services. We are currently accepting new clients from the entire state of Montana, from the comfort of their own homes. We also offer group coaching programs and self paced health courses both in the US and worldwide. If you are someone who suffers from chronic or life threatening illnesses and nothing else has worked we can help you!


About Dr. Natalie Gonzales

Natalie Gonzales is a physician-turned-health coach who teaches and coaches clients using Integrative and Functional Medicine. Integrative Medicine combines the best of alternative and conventional treatments, while Functional Medicine seeks the root cause of health issues. At Synergy Health and Wellness PLLC, we apply both approaches to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. Our primary areas of expertise are::

  • Memory problems (mild, moderate, or severe) and Brain-Fog

  • Mood Disorders (anxiety, depression etc.)

  • Inflammatory or autoimmune disorders

  • Hormone Balance - infertility, PMS, pre and post menopause

  • Digestive problems (reflux/GERD, diarrhea, constipation, IBS, etc.)

  • Lifestyle changes that reduce the risk of cancer or cancer recurrence.


We'd love to help you find ways to lower your symptoms and even reverse the chronic condition(s) you are dealing with.


About Megan Merritt

Megan Merritt is our Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach. She currently lives in sunny and way-too-hot Florida. Megan is a mom to 5 boys and enjoys walks outside, listening to crime podcasts, reading, and serving at church. 

As a former teacher Megan loves to help others to learn how to incorporate healthy habits into their everyday lives. All lives are not the same. What works for others might not work for you, but working together we will figure out the right combination that fits into your lifestyle.


Integrative Medicine

Using the best of both Conventional and Alternative Medicine. 

Functional Medicine

The search for the ROOT CAUSE of symptoms and disease in order to guide treatment.


Customized Plan

Customized treatment plan that is created specifically for you and your needs.


How Can I Help You?

Programs Offered


Brain Health


Weight Management


Immune Function


Gut Health

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